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halters for pattern drafting January 30, 2007

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it looks kinda like the sketch 🙂 (see below)

sister halters
they could be sisters…sarah’s, mine and natalia’s spring halters

I am making the chartreuse halter for my class. that is the one that was selected by my instructor and the class.

here are my VERY rough sketches for my halter top design for my pattern drafting class. it is spring/summer junior (but we are allowed to design for a sophisticated junior…whew!!)
halter sketches

I was very inspired by the creative process behind Alber Elbaz’s (Lanvin) Lily dress…
lily sketch lily1

…YSL Spring 2007
ysl1 ysl2

…and vintage aprons

Full croquis, flats and swatches to come…we’ll see next week which one I’ll end up making.

green halterpeach halterblue halterwhite halter

ok here are my final designs. I had to do three but did four and that is why there aren’t flats on the last croquis. These are NOT illustrations..they are quick croquis with flats. so they’re not fully rendered. I present tomorrowso we’ll see which one I end up making. I like all 3 but I think that the strongest one from a design perspective and getting it right in flat pattern is the chartreuse one. I also have alternate fabrics for that one…a cotton silk voile in nude and black. we were supposed to stay with spring colors, but nude with black accents for evening is in this spring. I hope I can use them, they look amaaaaazing together. 🙂


finally, some inspiration for artwork January 17, 2007

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it’s about damn time I decide on something for my poor white walls.
I saw this pic:

thanks to

and I promptly decided to make 4 large scale cross-stitch designs and frame them. I think they’ll look amazing and if you didn’t know already, cross-stitch is makin’ a comeback. word.

SO…I’ve converted these images into a cross-stitch pattern using MacStitchX.


…now to buy the millions of thread colors and beads that will be woven into the design


i smell knockoff. January 16, 2007

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actually, two.

one. I’ll make this Roland Mouret. stitch for stitch.
mouret mouret2

two. Zac Posen. i’ll start with this Vogue pattern (#2785 which is now out of print) and change a few things like the collar/neckline, add a yoke, a few ruffles, get rid of the godets and add flare instead and voila!!!



designers block. grrr. January 15, 2007

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for my dresses for the “Hollywood garden wedding” I am having issues with designing my 3rd dress…here is what I have so far (as far as VERY rough sketches go):

the purple one is the one I hate…I think that I want to change the design to the dress that is pictured on the right (not colored) or to something like this

with the dress being the iridescent silk chiffon and the contrast belt the floral.
They are all made of silk. I’m thinking that the floral one should just have floral accents. I’m designing from actual swatches:

UPDATE: designers block is over and I am currently illustrating these designs. I ended up changing the purple dress to look like the dress (but the illustration I am doing for it is a back view) so there is a bow tie and tierred ruffles that cascade down CB. floral with solid contrast for the belt.

OK!! Here is what I ended up with. My scanner is too small to scan the entire image, so the feet are cut off and you can’t see the strappy Manolos or the Louboutin’s 😦 The scan doesn’t do them justice either…the colors are much more dynamic in person.

hollywood garden wedding

…even though I am not required to make these (they’re just for design and illustration purposes) in the near future you will be seeing the peach dress and the green dress. instant love.


Bubble Dress.

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so I made this pink bubble dress from some silk dupioni that I was going to use to make curtains or pillows (yes, they would have been some bright-ass curtains. lol.)
anyway, here is the dress which I made from Burda #7983. I was going to draft it, but then I saw this pattern and bought it for $1 so…what can I say, I saved myself some time. ok. the pattern has a strapless bubble with a giant bow or a wide strap 2-layer dress with a front tab. I decided to make the bubble with the tab instead of the bow and to shorten it a LOT… this is what I came up with:


then, as I was going through magazines today…yes, I am in the process of ripping out swipe from all of my magazines…I have a million, and getting rid of them because they take up too much room on my bookcase and I have to make room for more books (lol).


The fun never ends people…and I also categorized the pile of swipe I already ripped that was accumulating on my workspace.


Everyone knows you can’t get down to business (aka 3 dress illustrations for a “springtime Hollywood garden wedding) when everything is in disarray…duh

back to the point-

ok, so in Harper’s Bazaar there was this dress (a $3500 Oscar de la Renta) worn by Cameron Diaz. I think mine is a very comparable knockoff (even if it wasn’t on purpose) so I would like to find a similar print and make another:

camd camd

so I am going to make this Peter Som dress som

from the same pattern I used for the de la Renta dress…so we’ll see how it goes 🙂