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designers block. grrr. January 15, 2007

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for my dresses for the “Hollywood garden wedding” I am having issues with designing my 3rd dress…here is what I have so far (as far as VERY rough sketches go):

the purple one is the one I hate…I think that I want to change the design to the dress that is pictured on the right (not colored) or to something like this

with the dress being the iridescent silk chiffon and the contrast belt the floral.
They are all made of silk. I’m thinking that the floral one should just have floral accents. I’m designing from actual swatches:

UPDATE: designers block is over and I am currently illustrating these designs. I ended up changing the purple dress to look like the dress (but the illustration I am doing for it is a back view) so there is a bow tie and tierred ruffles that cascade down CB. floral with solid contrast for the belt.

OK!! Here is what I ended up with. My scanner is too small to scan the entire image, so the feet are cut off and you can’t see the strappy Manolos or the Louboutin’s 😦 The scan doesn’t do them justice either…the colors are much more dynamic in person.

hollywood garden wedding

…even though I am not required to make these (they’re just for design and illustration purposes) in the near future you will be seeing the peach dress and the green dress. instant love.


3 Responses to “designers block. grrr.”

  1. bigdreams101 Says:

    Hey! I am a fashion designer too! But I’m only 12. I have many many designs! Comment me back!

  2. rundtom Says:

    Hehe, yes I agree, we have a lot in common, and I have really consitered to write in english in stead, so I can share more with people around the world, and not only from denmark.

    I love the dress you have illustrated to the right and the black/white/red dress on the picture.
    I’m really looking forward to see more from you! 🙂

  3. April Says:

    I love the long dress! Want one…need one!!!

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