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60’s pop art swim. February 2, 2007

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these are my illustrations for this project for week 2. There will be 4 more due next week for final presentation of this direction, so I’ll post them when I am done…but in the meantime have a little looksy at the current issue.

week2.1 week2.2 week2.3
week 2

illustration work for 60’s mod/pop art inspired swimwear. We were given creative license with these illustrations (YAY!) so I was able to morph my figures a bit and stylize them more than usual. I think it really adds to the overall effect of the drawing and creates a certain mood. These are my worked out figures on sandwich paper, and my inspiration. The swimsuits will have bold color blocking and merimekko inspired floral applique. I’m illustrating on the chartreuse Canson paper that is shown with all of my marker tests. It’s due Wed along with an additional 11×14 illustration and 2 croquis…2 one-piece, 2 bikinis.

inspire board
inspiration/mood board

color test
color test on Canson

figures inspire/modified from audrey kawasaki paintings.


5 Responses to “60’s pop art swim.”

  1. Madison Says:

    omg this whole website is wonderful to look at I could never get bored by looking at this and reading all the information. I did a board just like this and I’m taking snippets of pictures from magazines and then putting them on a board and every year I’m making a new one then hanging them on my ciling. It kinda looks like this in a way. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate this website and how much it has inspired me.

    ThAnK yOu So MuCh ! ! ! !

  2. thanks!! that makes me soooo happy! check out the final product, and there will be more to come. I have 4 more illustrations for my final for this project that are due next week đŸ™‚

  3. bigdreams101 Says:

    Wow! You are totally amazing! Whenever i see your site, i’m blown away! i love your designs! Oh, i did post 2 of my VERY rough sketches! Check um out (trust me they’re really really rough and im not done with them)

  4. sus Says:

    Liker mood boardet ditt:)

  5. chillipepper Says:

    After leaving my fashion background behind somewhat over the years what an amazing creative inspirational person you are. I always believed that fashion was something from within and you certainly have it! yes that elusive power to portray style. You have given back key to the door I thought was shut long ago to me!

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