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a little ny fashion week vent February 4, 2007

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so, NY fashion week started yesterday (oh the anticipation) and so far, it’s mostly menswear…and I don’t think I LOVED anything…I’ll have to go back for a 2nd look though… Anyway, in womenswear, Nicole Miller, BCBG and Marc Bouwer had their shows (all amazing BTW) and it just makes your heart pound…and then there’s Baby Phat. I don’t know why I even bothered to look because it’s sooooo predictable, but…I had extra time, so whatever.

Never fails. How is it possible that every collection Kimora Lee Simmons has ever designed looks like last year’s/season’s trends mixed with the usual hideous tackiness that she is famous for??? I don’t get it. I think there should be some sort of screening process for fashion week collections, and if your clothes suck, are tacky and look like they belong on a streetwalker, you don’t get a show…no matter how rich your (ex) husband is.

I’ve figured it out though…they let her have a show as a joke and when the models come down the runway, the real designers and FRG’s are sitting there snickering under their breath (because you KNOW they are). Yes, that must be it. there’s no other explanation.

either way, the joke’s over and it’s not funny anymore. it’s just maddening & a total waste of runway space (also true of Heatherette).
fashion faux pas, times 49.

p.s. check out the Fug Girls’ take on the Fashion Week madness (in blogroll). Note: wear waterproof mascara for this one…otherwise you’ll be laughing through black tears.


3 Responses to “a little ny fashion week vent”

  1. bonj Says:

    nice vent. add my site to your blogroll dudeski.

  2. Jita Says:

    it’s cool!!..i love it

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