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finally. June 6, 2007

Filed under: food for thought — iheartcouture @ 9:42 pm

Recent research from Dartmouth College has found that daydreaming, procrastinating, gossiping and napping all have added health benefits.
Who knew?
I did.

According to their studies, daydreaming lets you focus on issues that may not be relevant at that moment, but have some meaning and is a form of relaxation that releases beneficial endorphins…so forgive yourself for spacing off during that boring conference call and visualizing the polish color wall at the nail salon, thinking about what “Flashbulb Fuschia” will look like on your toes, and whether or not it will coodinate with your new Missoni dress that you plan on wearing this weekend…it’s good for you.


One Response to “finally.”

  1. wristsoffury Says:

    Great post, kinda redeems us dreamers, and then people wonder where we come up with such great ideas… 😉

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