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furniture fabulous 101 (take 2) July 31, 2007

Filed under: design,food for thought,style — iheartcouture @ 4:04 am

if you are looking to add some serious style to your diva den, please consider this:

fabulous rock & roll tables from Jennifer Ramos ( She also makes pillows like this “enchanting” one:

Thanks to Madebygirl for her funky fabulous style! It’s definitely on the top of my ❤ list!


2 Responses to “furniture fabulous 101 (take 2)”

  1. MaDiSoN ! ! ! Says:

    Hey iheartcouture i just was wondering why hasn’t there been any new achieve for august or september? october is even coming up!!! Well I was just wondering because I miss seeing new ones every month Comment back plZ!!! ps I love love this website!! ttul MaDiSoN ! ! !

  2. erin Says:

    There will be more posts soon! Promise!! I have been soooooo busy with design projects for school that I haven’t had time to document and post!

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