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Nike. February 29, 2008

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Okay, so if I haven’t mentioned before, we are doing a project with Nike, and we’re designing the Brasilian Men’s soccer uniforms/ warmups/ sportswear for the 2010 World Cup…pretty exciting, right? Yes. Roll news clip…


SOOOOO….I am on the on-field/kit team (basically, that means I’m designing the uniform and warmup). We had our first fitting Tuesday, which is our first run at the garments, not in the right fabrics, but basically getting an idea of fit, proportion and style lines…

Here’s a pic from my Nike fitting and Shareef looked awesome in my warmup! You can imagine this in a silky royal blue nylon with ombre piping in Brasil’s yellow blue and green (not in this cornflower ripstop…ugh) p.s. Designers out there…ripstop can be cool for some things, but just an FYI, it is NOT your friend. I had to take my sweet time (really) sewing this to make it look good. Never again! lol.


p.p.s. oh, and I don’t have a pic of my uniform but will be sure to post after the final fitting.

p.p.p.s. Please ignore the shapeless dress I am wearing that makes me look preggo…I’m not. lol.



2 Responses to “Nike.”

  1. jenefur Says:

    Shut up Erin. You look beautiful as ever.

  2. kalina Says:

    hey erin..would you mind telling me what school is this ???

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