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monique lhullier. October 31, 2008

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Mentor #2 – Monique Lhullier.

Direction: “Deconstructed Decades” – Deconstructed eveningwear/ballgowns inspired by the iconic look of the decades 20’s-80’s. Use unexpected fabrics like burlap, tweed and neoprene mixed with silks and tulle, etc. to create a dramatic look that is “not pretty”. Color palette is ecru, black, medium to light neutrals and army drab (so amazing).

This is the project I have always wanted. Avant garde, very deconstructed + over the top volume and drama. I can’t wait. Since this project is so intense, it was suggested that we work in pairs (that is if we want to have a portfolio…but if we want to spend entire 2nd semester sewing alone instead…we could take that option) I’m working with Michelle Yang (yay! we’re gonna rock it!) and we’re doing the 1960’s…iconic shapes are the big architectural ones…think 60’s couture…Balenciaga!!!

Here are some of my inspiration images:

Vintage Balenciaga + Comme des Garcons = Amazingness.

current Alessandro Dell’Acqua swipe + vintage swipe. What will it look like with treatments and deconstructed fabrics??

plastic washers and snaps necklace + ralph rucci’s suspension dress with bleach painted duchess satin??

fabric stories.

fabric treatments.

fused tulle. incredible looking. i heart this. seriously. god bless belgian fashion designers.

one of my croquis for week 1. dont think this is what it will look like. this will be designed and redesigned until there is just a reference of this look. promise. I’m better than this. these are prelim ideas.

same goes for the following illustrations…


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