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bizz cards. finally. March 11, 2008

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website is next.



furniture fabulous 101 (take 2) July 31, 2007

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if you are looking to add some serious style to your diva den, please consider this:

fabulous rock & roll tables from Jennifer Ramos ( She also makes pillows like this “enchanting” one:

Thanks to Madebygirl for her funky fabulous style! It’s definitely on the top of my ❤ list!


i heart… June 29, 2007

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this guy:
hot guy dsquared

…and a special shoutout goes to the boys at Dsquared for putting him in those super short shorts. “10” woot!woot!


rubber duckie, you’re the one… June 19, 2007

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…you make bathtime so much fun…but not as fun as this:

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it comes complete with a wine/champagne glass holder (to hold your Ayala Cuvee Rose Nature) and candle holder. Brilliant. The only thing missing is the hunky model sitting tubside feeding you chocolate covered strawberries. Whatever, a girl can dream…

you can find it here:


world’s best dressed man? perhaps.

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I can’t think of any possible contenders at the moment, so we’ll let Lapo Elkann take the title (for now). These photos were part of an editorial in the June issue of Vogue. Elkann had most of his wardrobe shipped to Brazil for the shoot and he styled himself. Why can’t more men be this bold when it comes to their taste in fashion. Color=amazingness.

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While we’re at it…we should talk shades. Elkann launched his Italia Independent line of sunglasses this week…Barney’s is carrying them…the $1325 carbon fiber ones are already sold out (only 1000 were made)…they do have less expensive $395 acetate versions available. Also, there was mention in DWR of his company acquiring a “historic italian brand” which will be announced next month…hmmm any guesses as to which one??

Also in DWR…the top ten men’s luxury brands:

1. Brioni
2. Armani
3. Ermenegildo Zegna
4. Ferragamo
5. Canali
6. Dolce & Gabbana
7. Prada
8. Tom Ford (wow…already making the list!!)
9. Versace
10. Burberry


finally. June 6, 2007

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Recent research from Dartmouth College has found that daydreaming, procrastinating, gossiping and napping all have added health benefits.
Who knew?
I did.

According to their studies, daydreaming lets you focus on issues that may not be relevant at that moment, but have some meaning and is a form of relaxation that releases beneficial endorphins…so forgive yourself for spacing off during that boring conference call and visualizing the polish color wall at the nail salon, thinking about what “Flashbulb Fuschia” will look like on your toes, and whether or not it will coodinate with your new Missoni dress that you plan on wearing this weekend…it’s good for you.


i heart sam… March 24, 2007

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her photography is amazing and i’ve been lucky enough to work with her.
samantha bremer=amazingness
cirqe1 cirque2

here is how she transformed me: