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morgane le fay…fitting numero dos. January 19, 2009

I know, I know…photos from Fitting Numero Uno are MIA…got it. There’s a reason…and it’s legit. My first fitting was a disaster….well not completely. Here’s the deal: I made 3 pieces. 1) Pants. I had originally designed silk twill (or silk linen) skinny pants…cute right?? Well Liliana and her assistant Charlotte didn’t think so…They said to make pants that were “not skinny…not fashion-forward”?? okay, what does that mean??? I thought I was designing for Morgane Le Fay, not Chicos…Elastic waistband anyone??? jk….Okay, so I did a slim trouser. they were yuk. With that, I had designed 2) a silk chiffon top and 3) a silk organza petal wrap jacket with a high mandarin collar. Cute on paper. Hideous in reality. It was so much poofy whiteness…my model looked like the Michelin Man. Gross. Anyway…we decided that the chiffon top would be dropped to floor length (Rosemary Brantley has this obsession that is – Erin Seelert + maxi dresses) okay, I get it. I like them too…and my jacket was redesigned into a jacket/dress thingy with silk mesh wide-leg pants that I hated so I refused to make them…so I did the dress…and I’m happy because I designed it myself and Karolyn (my studio teacher) was awesome because she let me do what I wanted and I actually feel like I worked out all of the design challenges myself, which I love. So…

Below are photos of my Morgane le Fay (MLF) dress. White, Lotus-inspired….you get the idea. These were taken at the 2nd (fabric) fitting. During the fitting, it was decided that shirring at the front was not necessary and also the under-layer of silk georgette would be replaced with (yet another) layer of chiffon. This dress has a grand total of 20 yards of silk chiffon. I love it…and so will brides everywhere (lol). The neckline and back will be bound in silk satin organza and the ties are going to be extended to approx floor-length. The edges of the chiffon “petals” are finished with a picot edge and there are no side seams on this dress…it is all overlapping pieces of chiffon. I am also making a petal-shaped “scarf” that will be worn and removed on the runway.

…this dress is for the daring girl…not afraid of scandal…can’t wear a bra…even panties are iffy…maybe nundies would be a good call…

..model try-ons are this coming Friday, so I’ll have pics of the real deal after that. I can’t wait to see it finished. It’s a showstopper if I ever saw one. I wish I could describe what it looks like when the model walks…like a floaty, airy poof of billowy clouds. I heart it for sure.

If I was ever going to get married, I would wear this. But that’s not happening.


dress for olivia. February 12, 2007

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cute cute. for wes and ty’s new baby (born today!!). I made it for 3-6 mos so that she can wear it this summer.

olivia dress


asymmetrical wrap skirt February 3, 2007

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drape1 drape2

the hemline ended up being short (way shorter than in the photo) and the scallop of the underskirt is asymmetrical (less of an angle than the wrap) I’m thinking high waisted (paper bag waistband…I was inspired because I liked they way the extra fabric above the waist looked when I was draping the sarong) and large fabric flower at the closure…


halters for pattern drafting January 30, 2007

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it looks kinda like the sketch 🙂 (see below)

sister halters
they could be sisters…sarah’s, mine and natalia’s spring halters

I am making the chartreuse halter for my class. that is the one that was selected by my instructor and the class.

here are my VERY rough sketches for my halter top design for my pattern drafting class. it is spring/summer junior (but we are allowed to design for a sophisticated junior…whew!!)
halter sketches

I was very inspired by the creative process behind Alber Elbaz’s (Lanvin) Lily dress…
lily sketch lily1

…YSL Spring 2007
ysl1 ysl2

…and vintage aprons

Full croquis, flats and swatches to come…we’ll see next week which one I’ll end up making.

green halterpeach halterblue halterwhite halter

ok here are my final designs. I had to do three but did four and that is why there aren’t flats on the last croquis. These are NOT illustrations..they are quick croquis with flats. so they’re not fully rendered. I present tomorrowso we’ll see which one I end up making. I like all 3 but I think that the strongest one from a design perspective and getting it right in flat pattern is the chartreuse one. I also have alternate fabrics for that one…a cotton silk voile in nude and black. we were supposed to stay with spring colors, but nude with black accents for evening is in this spring. I hope I can use them, they look amaaaaazing together. 🙂


i smell knockoff. January 16, 2007

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actually, two.

one. I’ll make this Roland Mouret. stitch for stitch.
mouret mouret2

two. Zac Posen. i’ll start with this Vogue pattern (#2785 which is now out of print) and change a few things like the collar/neckline, add a yoke, a few ruffles, get rid of the godets and add flare instead and voila!!!