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morgane le fay…fitting numero dos. January 19, 2009

I know, I know…photos from Fitting Numero Uno are MIA…got it. There’s a reason…and it’s legit. My first fitting was a disaster….well not completely. Here’s the deal: I made 3 pieces. 1) Pants. I had originally designed silk twill (or silk linen) skinny pants…cute right?? Well Liliana and her assistant Charlotte didn’t think so…They said to make pants that were “not skinny…not fashion-forward”?? okay, what does that mean??? I thought I was designing for Morgane Le Fay, not Chicos…Elastic waistband anyone??? jk….Okay, so I did a slim trouser. they were yuk. With that, I had designed 2) a silk chiffon top and 3) a silk organza petal wrap jacket with a high mandarin collar. Cute on paper. Hideous in reality. It was so much poofy whiteness…my model looked like the Michelin Man. Gross. Anyway…we decided that the chiffon top would be dropped to floor length (Rosemary Brantley has this obsession that is – Erin Seelert + maxi dresses) okay, I get it. I like them too…and my jacket was redesigned into a jacket/dress thingy with silk mesh wide-leg pants that I hated so I refused to make them…so I did the dress…and I’m happy because I designed it myself and Karolyn (my studio teacher) was awesome because she let me do what I wanted and I actually feel like I worked out all of the design challenges myself, which I love. So…

Below are photos of my Morgane le Fay (MLF) dress. White, Lotus-inspired….you get the idea. These were taken at the 2nd (fabric) fitting. During the fitting, it was decided that shirring at the front was not necessary and also the under-layer of silk georgette would be replaced with (yet another) layer of chiffon. This dress has a grand total of 20 yards of silk chiffon. I love it…and so will brides everywhere (lol). The neckline and back will be bound in silk satin organza and the ties are going to be extended to approx floor-length. The edges of the chiffon “petals” are finished with a picot edge and there are no side seams on this dress…it is all overlapping pieces of chiffon. I am also making a petal-shaped “scarf” that will be worn and removed on the runway.

…this dress is for the daring girl…not afraid of scandal…can’t wear a bra…even panties are iffy…maybe nundies would be a good call…

..model try-ons are this coming Friday, so I’ll have pics of the real deal after that. I can’t wait to see it finished. It’s a showstopper if I ever saw one. I wish I could describe what it looks like when the model walks…like a floaty, airy poof of billowy clouds. I heart it for sure.

If I was ever going to get married, I would wear this. But that’s not happening.


MYES November 18, 2008

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I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about a new design team emerging on the L.A. fashion scene they are calling themselves MYES…

Stay tuned while I find out more…


Nike. February 29, 2008

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Okay, so if I haven’t mentioned before, we are doing a project with Nike, and we’re designing the Brasilian Men’s soccer uniforms/ warmups/ sportswear for the 2010 World Cup…pretty exciting, right? Yes. Roll news clip…


SOOOOO….I am on the on-field/kit team (basically, that means I’m designing the uniform and warmup). We had our first fitting Tuesday, which is our first run at the garments, not in the right fabrics, but basically getting an idea of fit, proportion and style lines…

Here’s a pic from my Nike fitting and Shareef looked awesome in my warmup! You can imagine this in a silky royal blue nylon with ombre piping in Brasil’s yellow blue and green (not in this cornflower ripstop…ugh) p.s. Designers out there…ripstop can be cool for some things, but just an FYI, it is NOT your friend. I had to take my sweet time (really) sewing this to make it look good. Never again! lol.


p.p.s. oh, and I don’t have a pic of my uniform but will be sure to post after the final fitting.

p.p.p.s. Please ignore the shapeless dress I am wearing that makes me look preggo…I’m not. lol.



furniture fabulous 101 (take 2) July 31, 2007

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if you are looking to add some serious style to your diva den, please consider this:

fabulous rock & roll tables from Jennifer Ramos ( She also makes pillows like this “enchanting” one:

Thanks to Madebygirl for her funky fabulous style! It’s definitely on the top of my ❤ list!


Furniture Fabulous 101 (Please take copious notes) July 9, 2007

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Enter Jimmie Martin, a London company that makes punk inspired furniture pieces like the following:
candelabra chair

want your decor to reach abnoxious levels of coolness? Add any of these numbers to your scheme…

OH, and the piece de resistance:

a must have for the head of any diva’s table…


rubber duckie, you’re the one… June 19, 2007

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…you make bathtime so much fun…but not as fun as this:

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it comes complete with a wine/champagne glass holder (to hold your Ayala Cuvee Rose Nature) and candle holder. Brilliant. The only thing missing is the hunky model sitting tubside feeding you chocolate covered strawberries. Whatever, a girl can dream…

you can find it here:


world’s best dressed man? perhaps.

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I can’t think of any possible contenders at the moment, so we’ll let Lapo Elkann take the title (for now). These photos were part of an editorial in the June issue of Vogue. Elkann had most of his wardrobe shipped to Brazil for the shoot and he styled himself. Why can’t more men be this bold when it comes to their taste in fashion. Color=amazingness.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

While we’re at it…we should talk shades. Elkann launched his Italia Independent line of sunglasses this week…Barney’s is carrying them…the $1325 carbon fiber ones are already sold out (only 1000 were made)…they do have less expensive $395 acetate versions available. Also, there was mention in DWR of his company acquiring a “historic italian brand” which will be announced next month…hmmm any guesses as to which one??

Also in DWR…the top ten men’s luxury brands:

1. Brioni
2. Armani
3. Ermenegildo Zegna
4. Ferragamo
5. Canali
6. Dolce & Gabbana
7. Prada
8. Tom Ford (wow…already making the list!!)
9. Versace
10. Burberry